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Hello dear Client                     
We are pleased to receive your orders for several years now.

My name is Pierino Pezzi
Founder and Owner of
A business established April 2003  (19 Years of Service  Thanks to You. )

Our new  address is now: 8630 Perras Montreal H1E 5M8          Tel.: 514-418-3602

We have developed and improved Printing services and our prices are most competitive.

Thank you for your confidence in our ability to serve you.
Our team is at your disposal to assist you in your business and hope to
continue to foster mutually beneficial relationships.

For further assistance please feel free to contact us.
Thank you.     Pierino Pezzi / Owner

Off / Bur. 514-418-3602

* All ordes have to be paid in full before we ship it  *
* All orders will be delivered  before Wednesdays 5:30:pm *
* Orders pick-up from Tuesday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm *